PAHHHA represents the long term care community – to government, business leaders, and the general public. It also serves as a force for change within the long term care field, providing information, education, and administrative tools that enhance quality at every level.
At its Dallas, TX headquarters, the association maintains legislative, regulatory and public affairs, as well as member services staffs which work both internally and externally to assist the interests of government and the general public, as well as member providers. In that respect, PAHHHA represents its membership to all publics, and national leadership to its members.
The main focus is on providing quality care to the nation’s frail, elderly, physically challenged and people with language barriers who are served by the long term care professionals who comprise PAHHHA membership. Providers believe that the individuals whom they serve are entitled to a supportive environment in which professional and compassionate care is delivered. This belief compels PAHHHA affiliates and member providers to advocate for individuals who – because of social needs, challenges, trauma or illness – require services provided in a long term care setting, while also advocating for the continuing vitality of long term care provider community.
PAHHHA believes this necessitates their commitment to developing necessary and reasonable public policies which balance economic and regulatory principles to support quality care and quality of life, and is dedicated to professionalism and ethical behavior among all who provide long term care.