Administrators Clock Hours

This training is organized to provide 12 hours Administrative 12 Clock Hours Course. Each module provides 2 hours of training.

Participants must complete models 1-6 for 12 Clock Hours certification. There will be a quiz at the end of each module for completion. Participants must score 70% to pass. To begin the modules click on the appropriate link provided below.

The following are the modules covered in the course:

  • Module 1: Agency License Standards Chapter 97
  • Module 2: Leadership & Management
  • Module 3: Health & Safety Codes Chapter 142, 250, Rights of the Elderly 102 and Disability Act
  • Module 4: Civil Rights, Rehabilitation Act of 1993, Medical Leave Act of 1993
  • Module 5: OSHA, Abuse Neglect & Exploitation and Complaints
  • Module 6: Disaster Preparedness, Fraud, Advance Directives

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